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1-1 シスター大原

Welcome to our school website!

Fuji Sacred Heart is a Catholic missionary school for girls from Grade 7 to Grade 12, surrounded by beautiful nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Our school is a welcoming community with students from 17 different prefectures, where they learn to build a relationship of trust within our “Family.”  

Our aim is to educate girls as women of wisdom with a sense of global citizenship willingly committing themselves towards building a better world.  We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities and programs as well as a high-standard of academic learning.  We are a UNESCO associated school and are part of the network of the Sacred Heart Schools both in Japan and in the wider world. 

Students are the hope for the future. We believe Fuji Sacred Heart School is an ideal nurturing environment, where each student can learn to recognize their unique gifts and talents, and live life to the full.          

We look forward to welcoming you to our school soon.  


School Philosophy

“For the sake of one child,
I would have founded the Society.”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat,
Foundation of the Society of the Sacred Heart-


The Founding Spirit of the Sacred Heart Schools


“For the greater glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus…”

 -from 1815 Constitution of the Society of the Sacred Heart-


“We must dedicate ourselves to the education of young people
 so that we may bring up adorers.”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, 
Foundation of the Society of the Sacred Heart-


Foundress of the School

Madeleine Sophie Barat
December 12, 1779 – May 25, 1865

Patron of Fuji Sacred Heart School

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne
August 29, 1769 – November 18, 1852

Please visit https://rscjinternational.org/who/history to see more about “Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”  


Philosophy of Education

Fuji Sacred Heart School endeavors to help the students grow to be women of wisdom, who know that each one is unique and precious in God’s love, have a sense of solidarity and mission as a global citizen, and are ready to commit themselves towards building a better world.


1. Nurture the Soul
2. Enrich the Mind
3. Foster the Power to Act


These principles are enhanced by the natural beauty of the school environment, and within the trustful relationship of a “Family” uniting everyone in the Heart of Jesus.  

School History

1801 The first boarding school was opened in Amiens.
1908 Religious of the Sacred Heart arrived in Yokohama.
International School of the Sacred Heart was opened in Tokyo.
1914 Fuji Farm was founded.
1920 Onjosha Primary School was founded.
(Original Name of Fuji Sacred Heart School)
1925 Madeleine Sophie Barat was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church on May 25. 
1947 Onjosha Junior High School was opened.
1952 Sacred Heart Onjosha High School was opened. 
1957 Name of the School was changed to Fuji Sacred Heart School.
(Primary, Middle & High School)
1973  Primary school was closed.
1988 Rose Philippine Duchesne was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church on July 3.
2000  200th Anniversary of the Society of the Sacred Heart. 
2008 100th Anniversary of the Society of the Sacred Heart in Japan.
2012 Fuji Sacred Heart School was affiliated to UNESCO Associated School.

“Tadanishiki” was registered as the Susono Brand by Susono Chamber of
Commerce and Industry. The trademark of “Sophiage” was also registered on the
register of the Japan Patent Office.

2014 100th Anniversary of Fuji Farm. 
2020 100 th Anniversary of the Founding of Onjosha Primary School.